Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My favorite ducks/geese on our pound.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Lambs

Two tears ago the children got Raymond and Randy each a lamb for their birthday. So as it goes with all other things these lambs to grew up and have now become full grown. Last week we had the joy of seeing one of the ewes kid. Not only did she have one lamb but gave birth to three healthy little lambs. Each lamb weighed about 8 pounds and was just a nice handful for the boys.We had never experienced anything so small having babies. ( Cows calving is totally different) But the nice thing about lambs is that they are so gentle and not aggressive so the children can be right there in the pen and not have to fear about getting run over. We were so thankful to have a neighbor close by who came over right away and gave us some helpful hints and different things to watch for in the little ones. Love, is a first time mother but she sure takes good care of her little family and so far is able to nurse each one of them. The children have the baby bottles ready for when the time will come that she won't have enough milk for them all.

The Ewe's name is Love. So they decided to name her offspring Joy,Peace and Hope. The ram is Longsuffering. So once the other ewe has her little ones they want to continue with the "Fruits of the Spirit"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fire on the Farm

This morning we got a call from my uncle Dave saying that there had been a really bad fire during the night,no body had noticed anything and so when he got up to go and feed the cows he had come to the shed where the tractor stood and found out that the shed had burnt right to the ground in the night.

So around here everything is kind of at a stand still,most of the equipment that was parked in the shed was equipment that we use every day for feeding and bedding the cows and other farm use.

So were just learning to do with out it.

Here's some pictures of what we saw this morning after the fire trucks had left. It was a metal shed so we are thinking it must have mostly burnt on the inside leaving the tin on the outside not very damaged. The shed was big enough to hold one combine,two tractors,two mix mills,one silage wagon,one garden tractor and one four wheeler. From everything that was inside we think that about the only thing we might be able to fix would be the silage wagon which was not parked all the way inside the shed.
That pile would be where the combine was.

The color all got burnt off so it's kind of hard to tell what and where it is.
The four wheeler,there's not alot that's left over.
One of the tractors.
The other tractor with the silage wagon hitched onto it.

Both of the tractors were John Deere but we couldn't see any color on them after the fire.
The garden tractor.
And the mix mill.

And that's what's left.

Even though no one would have wished this to happen we still have lots to be grateful for,the shed that burnt was standing right across from our fuel tanks and right near to two other sheds,we are very blessed, most of all that no one got hurt.