Monday, November 23, 2009

Sisters conversation while doing dishes by Raechelle

Today after supper all the girls were cleaning up the kitchen,while I was wiping all the counters,Rita was washing the dishes,and Ruth was drying the dishes,this is the conversation I heard.

Rita: I'm feeling quite tired this evening,

Ruth: How come is that?

Rita: I think it must be because of our horse ride this afternoon,and my head is hurting abit,I think it might be a sinus.

Ruth: What is a sinus?

Rita: Its when you have lots of pressure in your head from a cold or something and then it hurts at your temples.

Ruth: What are temples?

Rita: don't know where your temples are?

Ruth: In Jerusalem? :)

Rita: Well you obviously don't have any. :)

Thats what you get when you have sisters. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baking Buns,buns and buns

On Saturday Rita and I had a big day of baking,we were having a fellowship lunch at church and we had volunteered to bake ALL the buns,500 buns,300 brown and 200 white. So you can imagine we had quite a big day,but it was actually not to over whelming,since I got to do it with my very dear sister we enjoyed ourselves very much.
So here are some pictures of our Saturday.

The recipe we used from Jen Pauls,thanks alot Jen :)

This is our good old dough mixer,we were not quite sure if it would last so we brought my sister Rebeccas down just in case but nothing ever went wrong and we used ours right through.

Mixing the dough.

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Rita rolling the buns (shes just a little camera shy :)

The buns rising.
And in the stove.
Our two ovens we used also worked very well right through the day.
Rita the baking pro.
She always had everything under control cause.....
she even had time to e-mail Jen and Kerri every once in a while :)
Doing a demonstration for the brothers,they were amazed at how fast she could work :)
Here Rita is not quite sure if shes doing the right thing,but for the most part she always knew what she was doing :)
A perfect batch of buns.

Oh and we always have time for sisters picture.

The stack of buns in the boxes after they were all done.

Yup we started at 10:00 a.m. and we were done at 7:31 p.m. We had a great day and we got everything done .

And then after we were all finished we just had to try a jumping picture,lets just say we didn't get one where we were both in the air at the same time :)

Yay Rita !!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Winnipeg here we come! Yesterday we had the joy of going and visiting our little grandson Andrew again. This means a trip to the city which is a 2 hour drive from our place. But these trips don't seem very long when you think of who there is waiting for us at the other end. Josh and Rebecca are very happy to see family come out to pay them a visit. Life in the city is foreign to them and something they are not used to.

Yesterday we got to the city around lunchtime,went out for lunch together and just spent sometime visiting with Josh and Rebecca. At 4 AJ was due for his feeding so we spent 1 1/2 hours at the hospital. Rebecca changed his diaper,while I tried to hold his soother in so he wouldn't cry to much. ( I even touched is soft skin.) The nurse handed him to Rebecca and has if he knew his mother's touch right away. Andrew settled right down and was so relaxed to hear and feel his mother's tender touch. It was so touching when Rebecca wanted to put Andy back to bed,he cried. It is so good to know that Andy recognizes who his parents are.

It was yesterday that I realized how small Andy really is. We went shopping and when looking even at the smallest clothes there are for newborns they are ways to big. Some of the smallest shoes we saw,well his feet would fit in there three times! He is very cute , that's the reason we keep coming back!

Some of the city sights near the hospital where Andrew is.

We also want to thank everyone who has been praying for us. We are so thankful the way things have been falling into place for Josh and Rebecca. We are especially grateful for the missionary couple who took Josh and Rebecca in and are allowing them to come and go as they need. We also need to remember this couple in our prayers as they are going through a very difficult time with their grandaugher. She is under going treatments and is in a lot of pain. She is only 2 years old and cannot understand why she has to suffer so much.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Rita!

Another Nov. birthday! Our family has now got 4 birthdays to celebrate in Nov. Little Andrew added another one by making his appearance early and joining his 2 aunties and one uncle in the month of Nov.
So here we are with Rita's 14 th. birthday on Nov. 8. The years have gone by so quickly. As you can see I am already one week late with posting for her birthday. I wish that sometimes we could just make time stand still and we could keep things the way they are for awhile. But that is not the way God intended it to be so we have to cherish each moment that we have with our children to the fullest! The joys of raising and training your children are so rewarding,I wouldn't trade them for any other job in this world!
With Rita in the house their is never a dull moment! She knows how to get us to laugh at her funny ways. Then sometimes there is no Rita around at all. She likes her quiet times where she will go outside and take a stroll in the pasture just talking to herself as if there are other people listening. Rita loves old fashioned stuff. Dressing up in a cape and bonnet and going out to be with the horses. Sitting face to face and talking to them. Another thing that Rita loves is driving the oldest and slowest machinery on the farm. That way she doesn't need to drive so fast and try to catch up with the others in the field. She loves taking her time. Rita has a great passion for little children and loves her younger siblings. We are so glad to have you in our family. Your ways have taught us alot about life. You have taught us to enjoy work and not just rush through and see how fast you can get it done.
Rita we love you and hope you have a wonderful year ahead. May you enjoy what life has in store for you and hold on to Jesus who is the authour and finisher of everything we do.
Here are some photos of what Rita loves doing.Being with her horse, eating, crafts, friends, outdoor fun and just simply standing and thinking
Love Dad,Mom and your family

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan

Nineteen years ago on Nov.2 our first son Ryan made his small appearance into a big world. He came to be with us 8 weeks before his due date. Ryan had his ups and downs the first year of his life where he was in the hospital over a month when he was first born,and also two times after that. Since then he has done alot of growing in more than one way. Growing up on the farm gives lots of opportunity to learn different things. That is just what Ryan did. He never did care much for school books,but did we give him something that needed to be fixed or figured out Ryan was always ready to try his expertise at the job. It has always been so handy to have a handyman around the place who is willing to try and fix.
Ryan loves to keep his sisters on their toes with his teasing ways. His younger brothers love to spend time with Ryan and are always ready to go along with him when he drives the farm equipment.
Ryan we appreciate you in our family and feel it more and more when you are helping out your uncle. We pray that you will continue to make the Lord your choice in your life. It has been a joy raising you as our son!
Here are some photo shoots of Ryan doing what he does best,working, having fun,playing,thinking,cooking and eating! We love you and wish you many more happy years!

Sorry this is so late but I have been trying to get into the Grandma routine.

We are still here !

Sorry about not posting lately. We have been very busy with THINGS! And also our posting pictures has not been working to produce a blog. But Rebecca has been updating her blog about baby Andrew so you are welcome to go there. We hope to post soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update on baby Andy

Yesterday my family went to visit Joshua,Rebecca and Andy at the hospital in Winnipeg.
So here are some pictures of our day and my little nephew Andy.

Rita was sure to bring her yarn and the blanket that she was planing on knitting for Josh and Becca's,now that the baby was early she's been working at it in every spare minute(like on the way to Winnipeg to see Andy.) This is the St. Boniface Hospital,were Andy will be staying for about 5 to 6 weeks.
While we were visiting with Josh and Becca in the hospital room Rita was busy kniting again. :)
(we are all hoping she'll finish it yet.)
Josh and Rebecca just about ready to go see thier tiny son.
And this is sweet,sweet Andrew.
Rebecca holding him and enjoying every minute of itNow I think Josh looks like a VERY proud and happy Daddy.

As you can see in the picture he is a very tiny little guy.

His tiny feet.

I'm saying tiny about everything I know,but as you can see it is true. I haven't seen him yet but I already think he is the sweet'est most adorable baby,
Don't you think?