Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi! Yes we are still around and I am very sorry for taking so long to blog,it's just that we've been rather busy and to tell the truth I haven't really had anything to blog about :)

So anyway yesterday we got the whole family from my Dad's side together and we rented the arena (for the last time this year) and went to play a great game of hockey (something that everyone from our family really enjoys doing)

So here's some pictures of all the fun we had last night.

So out of all the 18 guys that were playing yesterday Elena,Rita and I were the only girls,yes there are more guys then girls in our family :)

(Becca we REALLY missed you :)

My cousin Elena,and Rita (my sister ;)

One of my boy cousins :)
We did that the older guys played and then they traded off with all of us littler people so that it wasn't as full on the ice.

And that was our evening with the Penner Family,always lots of fun!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Feeling Well

Well It's been just over one week since Randy had his surgery and he's been through alot.
Saturday was the last day that he was feeling well enough to be up and around after his surgery,on Sunday morning we could tell that the worst was not over yet,but he's come a long way from not eating at all and hardly drinking to pretty much his normal self except one thing......
He has been having the best nights of his life,every time I go and check on him while he's sleeping I have to come right up to his mouth to actually hear him breath,it really is amazing.
He wakes up in the morning and we can tell he's had a very restful night,he's eating alot more and everyone is always excited when he's gained a little weight.
He's six years old and he weighs 42 lbs. not really the weight that a healthy boy his age should be.
We've all been blessed so much for what God has done for Randy.
While Randy was sick this week we noticed how close Raymond and Randy really were,they've always been close and we knew that but watching while Randy was so sick this week we could almost see that Raymond was going through it with him,like it says in 1 Corinthians 12:26
And if one member suffers,all the members suffer with it;
Now that Randy is feeling better it's wonderful to watch them do everything together,where ever Raymond goes Randy is right beside him,there's three years in between but from watching them you'd say they were the same age,they are just so close and I guess that's the way it is in a family it doesn't matter the age there's always the closeness.
We really are blessed to be in the family of God with so many bothers and sister who love and care about each other so much!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Surgery Went Well!

Thanks all for your prayers. We are thankful that the surgery turned out very well. Randy's surgery was about an hour long. The doctor his tonsils and adenoids were very enlarged and he should be able to breathe alot easier after things are all healed up. So that means lots and lots of drinking for the next week or so even if the throat feels sore and not like swallowing. We thank the Lord for His goodness once again and for praying and caring friends like you!

Changed into hospital clothes and waiting.

Playing some fun games while waiting for the Dr. to come by.

Randy and Dr. ready to go into surgery.

Away they go.

In the recovery room.

On the ward and having a Popsicle. Randy was offered as many as he wanted.

Breakfast this morning. Randy did not seem to strike any interest in it.

Posted by PicasaReady to go HOME! Randy is so happy to be back with his family. Family seems to be a good medicine. His siblings were all waiting for him when we came up the driveway this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please Pray for Randy

Tomorrow afternoon Randy is going in for surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed.
Randy has been having alot of problems with his breathing and sleep apnea for the last year or so. When we went ot see the specialist in Oct. we were told that there was a long waiting list for this kind of surgery. But now the day is very close. In one way we are thankful that it is finally here and he can get some relief. But on the other hand we also know that things will first get worse before they start getting better. Because of his breathing problems he will need to be in a monitored bed overnight.
Randy seems to be relaxed about it and knows that it won't happen without any pain. We had a pre-op on Monday and they went over things together with him. This seemed to help him picture things abit better. And of coarse mommy and daddy will be there when he wakes up from the surgery.

As you can see in these pictures,Randy has had a toothless smile for almost a year now. But he is finally growing his two front teeth. He was having a race with his little nephew Andrew.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Randy and his family.