Saturday, February 27, 2010


Another February birthday for our family. My dear husband has a birthday Feb. 28th. It all started many years ago when a little farm boy was born. Growing up on a farm and raising animals has been a passion for my husband throughout his life. But farming is not all that Henry enjoys doing. Throughout the years he has also found joy in having a family.I realized that as I was getting out pictures to blog. Many of the times there are children in the picture with him They are another passion for him in his life as well. Here are a few pictures of Henry in the years that have already pasted. May you be blessed with many more,dear.

Raising a Holstein calf.

Grade One

Wedding Day

Milking our first family cow.

Giving the children rides.

Making fun stuff out of play dough.

Multi talented Daddy.

Having fun with the children on the floor.

Taking a break.

Having a quick power snooze after having lunch on the field.

Picnics and ice cream treats. What fun!

Like Daddy like son.

Combining and meals on the field.

Happy birthday Sweetheart! Sharing life with you is so much fun. You are such a wonderful husband and provider. God as been so good to me in allowing me to share life with such a wonderful person. May you have a wonderful year filled with God's goodness and joy. We love you dearly. Your wife Esther and children.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Randy drew a picture of himself the other day while we were doing school :).
(do you see that they both have missing teeth :) )
I love you buddy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Little Nephew Andy

Just this last weekend my sister Rita and I went out to my sister Rebecca's to help her out with Andy,and to let her catch up with her sleep cause Andy is usually up for about 3 hours every night so we gave her a break and watched him over night as well,and let me tell you it is so very much fun being an auntie!!!!
We both had LOTS of fun spending time with our sweet nephew.

Don't you think he's just so kissable? :)

Rita laying in the lazy boy with Andy waiting for him to fall asleep,
he really likes to snuggle.
Feeding him in the night is lots of fun,he's so wide awake and adorable.
Andy I love you SO much!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ryan and Yvonne

Well this weekend was very interesting and exciting for all of us. The children made it special with their company all day.(Once you have married children you think of that more.) They cooked and cleaned up,my job was holding our little precious grandson!Then to top off the excitement Ryan and Yvonne announced their engagement! We were suspecting something to be up his sleeve. He was home Saturday and just simply couldn't contain himself. He was whistling while he worked and he had this funny grin and sparkle in his eyes. He wasn't doing a very good job with hiding it. The girls kept asking"What's wrong with Ryan?" they said either he's just feeling very good or he is up to something. He had already asked us and his future parents-in-law for permission,so it was very hard not for me to tell them.But that's what happens when you are in love with someone and you know the moment is coming closer when you want to ask for her hand in marriage.
Her are some pictures of the excited couple.

Congratulation Ryan and Yvonne!!

Ryan and Yvonne we want to wish you God's blessing and guidance in the coming months. May find joy as you prepare and plan for this very special day in your life. We are very happy for you!
We love you both LOTS!
And now abideth faith,hope and,love;but the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:3

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom (Esther) !!

Mom thank you so much for being such an amazing Mom,thanks for all the love you show all of us children,for the great example you are to us....

for loving Dad sooo much......

for watching out for us,and helping us when we need help....
for teaching us all about Jesus and his love for us.
Mom,we all love you more then we could ever say,and we appreciate everything that you have done for us.
Thank you for being the best Mommy we could ever wish for!
We love you Mom
Love: Your Arrows

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day

Interesting Facts About Hugs

As we are celebrating Valentines day tomorrow,and seeing it is a day where people are more mindful about showing love to family and others that are dear to them in their life. I thought it would be appropriate to do a post on some interesting facts about hugs. Now don't get me wrong,we need not save our affections only for this day that is set aside for Valentines Day. But we can show our loved ones appreciation and gratitude any time that we feel it is appropriate.

Hugging is healthy.
It helps the bodies immunity system.
It keeps you healthier.
It cures depression.
It helps you sleep.
It has no unpleasant side effects.
It is nothing less than a miracle drug.
It is all natural,organic,naturally artificial flavor and 1oo% wholesome.
Hugging is...
practically perfect
no movable parts
no batteries to wear out
no periodic checkups
low energy consumption
high energy yields
inflation proof
non fattening
no monthly payments
no insurance requirements
theft proof
non taxable
non polluting
and of coarse fully returnable.
So there you go. If you feel like giving someone a hug go right ahead, it sounds like you won't have much to lose. May you be blessed as you give out some hugs here and there along your journey through this life.
Remember love isn't love until you've given it away!
Behold what manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us,that we should be called the sons of God. 1 John 3:1

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off

During the summer months we are kept busy with putting up a supply of feed for the cattle so we can feed them during the winter months. Trying to get this feed put up in the right weather conditions can sometimes be a challenge. But once again this past year we were able to cut a luscious green crop of feed and store it for the winter months.

Therefore we are now able to serve this menu to our cows every day.

Here about 180 cows come and have their fill once a day. During the winter months a lot of time gets spent in making these animals comfortable. Whenever we get a snowfall they need to be bedded with fresh straw. In calving season the cows that are close to having their calves need to be brought into a warmer place for them to have their babies,therefore we go and check up on them on a regular basis. This is part of what keeps the farmers busy through the winter months.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Update on Andrew

Yesterday was almost like reliving the whole thing again. Becoming grandparents,aunts and uncles. Up until now it seemed hard for the children to really know how it felt to be called aunts and uncles because they had not been able to come near,touch,hug and hold this precious little bundle. But yesterday as you will be able to see in the following pictures this all became very real for each one of them. The moment was made very special when Josh and Rebecca arrived at our house at about 1:45 pm. All the Pauls children had come a few minutes before so that meant there were 17 aunties and uncles standing ready to welcome Andrew! So many times the children had been wondering if Josh and Rebecca would surprise them by just all of a sudden coming home with Andrew. But this time they were carrying a car seat and there was a little bundle tucked inside!

With all the commotion of the many aww's Andrew seemed to just be sound asleep.

Can you see baby AJ amongst all the heads?

Then came the joy of taking turns holding their little nephew. Now how would they do it with so many arms waiting to hold Andy? It was decided they would go in order of age from the oldest to the youngest. As you will see there are no pictures of the grandmas holding Andy. The reason being...We got our turn in the hospital. That was when we got to be on the pictures! Not that we didn't get to hold him but that was only once everyone had their turn and the camera was put away:)
In between it was time for a diaper change.

All the aunties Jen,Raechelle,Megan,Rita,Keri,Ruth,Brooke and Mikaya
The overjoyed Mommy and Daddy.

We celebrated with a supper together with the Pauls family.
Banana splits and homemade ice cream for night lunch.
After a delightful evening for all of us and very eventful evening for Andrew,his Mommy tucked him into his car seat for the ride to his home.

This was truly and joyous day for all of us. We are very thankful to the lord for allowing us to experience this good time together as one big family. Thanks to the Pauls family for your friendship and sharing our joys together with us. We also want to thank the many people who have gone through this time together with us in lifting us up in their prayers.

I will bless the Lord at all times:his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord:the humble shall hear thereof,and be glad.

Psalm 34:1&2