Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

(my dad took these pictures!, pretty good eh? :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

~Our Friday~

Sorry again for taking so long to post.

It's been busy around and I just haven't gotten around to doing it, so here it goes.

This is going to be most of our Friday in pictures. (no I didn't take pictures of EVERYTHING we did but just of the interesting things we did :)

This morning we had a guy come down to spray some of our fields, we don't normally do spraying with a plain but since this year is so wet we had to.

It was pretty neat watching him the way he can turn in such a small area.

I think I'd like to some day have a ride like that but I'm not sure, it would be quite a crazy ride :)

Then after lunch us girls went for a horse ride, it was a beautiful afternoon for one and we had lots of fun!

< Ruth and Echo >

< Texas and I >

< Randy and Texas >

< Rita and Star >

The children found a cute little bird on our back patio.

Lots of mowing the lawn this time of year, it's so wet it seems we can hardly keep up to the growing grass.

The first Lillies.

Bleeding Heart.

And some of the new kittens.

Then we ended the day with a great game of football with our neighbors.

And that's our Friday.

Thank you Jesus for the beautiful sun shiny day that we could spend outside!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Seeing yesterday was Fathers day we had one big happy family get together,

We were blessed with a beautiful day and got to spend lots of time outside.

So here's some pictures of our day with the family celebrating Fathers Day!

First we enjoyed a fun game of football!

(I mean why wouldn't we on such a nice day :)

Then pretty much all of us got into our new pool (the one the children got for their birthdays) and we enjoyed a good swim, it wasn't quite as warm as we had thought it would be but it was still great!

~Happy Father's Day DAD!!~

I love you so much!, thanks for everything you do for us,thanks for being a great example to us children!

You are the BEST Dad in WHOLE World!


We love you VERY VERY much!!!!

Dad waiting for his turn in a nice slow game of croquet :)

Andy and Becca enjoying the nice day together.

Andy trying really hard to figure out what they are actually trying to do :)

Then we moved our supper outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Relaxing in the hammocks.

Andy really liked it alot.

The we all jumped into the van and headed out to town to a baseball diamond to play a good game of baseball (actually we played scrub but it's pretty much the same thing :)

Our fans! :)

Ruth up to bat.

It was a wonderful day and we couldn't have asked for a better day to celebrate our dear Dad!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Randy's 7th Birthday

Like Raechelle posted yesterday Randy had his 7th birthday. So now here are some more pictures from Randy's photo shoot that Raechelle did,only this time there's pictures of the cake that she baked and decorated for her brother.

How hard to believe that our baby turned seven already! HE is growing up to be big boy. We have so much fun with him in the family. It is such a joy to see how siblings bond and grow to be such close friends with each other. Randy is no exception. He needs to be with one of the children or he seems to be lost. We are so thankful for Randy's health. The surgery that he had in early spring has made such a big difference in his life. He now is able to eat and sleep so much better with his tonsils out.

I suppose you can tell by the cake which is Randy's favorite hockey team :)

The first time that Randy cut his own cake and tried to serve it. He did pretty good with cutting the right sizes.

We love you and wish you a year that's filled with joy,health,serving others and living for your dearest friend Jesus.

But Jesus said,Suffer the little children,and forbid them not to come unto me:for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14

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