Friday, October 23, 2009

House Cleaning

Well now for about two weeks we have been busy with house cleaning,and it feels really good to finally be done,yes we finished today and it will be great to have it done with for the year.It felt really different doing it with out Rebecca but it worked.

So here are some pictures of this years fall house cleaning.

Right at the beginning of our house cleaning we made a list of all the rooms that we needed to do,after we had them all there were 21,yup that's alot of rooms.

The boys helped along in there bedroom.

Everyone working in the living room.

The kitchen is always a very big job but we did the cabinets one day and the walls another day so it wasn't as over whelming.
The School room.
The entrance.

And our bedroom,now that was a very big job,when you have three girls living in one bedroom that means there is lots of STUFF in there:)
Working together
Cleaning out the closets.
Then after a long afternoon of hard work this is what it looks like,we all thought it was worth it.
The pantry(after its finished.)
The finished product.

And now that we are finished we have absolutely nothing to do!(just kidding:)

But it will be great to have the house clean again(at least for a little while.)


Megna said...

Great Job!

Well if you have nothing to do you can come on over and help clean our house..(you did such a good job on yours:)

Oh..I have 1 question..
Q.Did the games that Rita stacked up ever fall down? (cause that would have been pretty funny if they did..kidding...or mabye not:)

Anonymous said...

Yup actually they did right after she put the last game on,how did you guess?:)

Anonymous said...

Great job girls!!
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ya...
I like your "new" hat Rita :)
Very cool :D

Megan said...

It is just somthing that would happen to Rita:)
Poor girl:(