Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Harvest Time!!

Well actually it has been harvest time for a while now but I just haven't gotten around to doing a post about it,so now that I've got time I'll show you some of the pictures that I've got.


My lil' sis Rita on the big green tractor.

This was my Mom driving the big truck.

Supper on the field is always so much fun and everyone has a great time!!

One evening while we were combining we saw a moose running through our field,it's not something we see often so it was pretty neat.
Sorry the pictures are not very good,he was standing far of already and it was kinda getting dark.
My favorite time of year and my favorite time of the day when you get a beautiful picture with the sun setting and the combines still going.
O sing unto the Lord a new song; for He hath done marvellous things,His right hand,and His holy arm,hath gotten Him the victory.
Psalm 98:1


MEGoo Photography said...

Great Pics Rae!!
and that is soooo cool about the moose!!! neato!

I agree we really need to get together SOON!! it has been way to long!!

Missing you lots!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Rae!
Love the moose story!
Let's get together soon! It has been WAYYY to long :(
Love you!

Rebecca Pauls said...

Nice pictures girl! I guess in keeping up with the trend I need to say, we need to get together, Sunday was such a long time ago! :)
Love Josh Becca and Andy