Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping at Dycks Cabin

Last weekend we went camping with our very good friends, The Dycks.

They have a beautiful place up at Kenora so Sunday after Church we all headed out to spend a great weekend together!

After about 5 hours of driving we got to the the cabin.

Andy was so excited to finally get out of his car seat and run around.

Everyone enjoying supper before a fun evening.

The cabin.

Monday after a big thunder storm through the night everything was fresh and beautiful.

It turned out to be a really nice day to spend at the lake.

Andy having fun splashing in the water.

Shawn and Randy best fishing buddies.

Going for a dip.

The water was so nice for swimming and doing water sports.

Getting ready to go water tubing.

Off they go.

Raymond, Shawn and Randy.

Andy just liked to stay on the dock.

Some pretty nature,

:: Daises ::

:: wild Irises ::

:: Painted Turtle ::

:: A cool tree by the side of the water ::

Getting ready to go catch our supper.

Becca catching fish like a pro :)

And Rita with the catch of the night...

A big walleye

(which made for a yummy supper :)

Cleaning up and getting ready to head out.

A group picture and good byes and we were off.

Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Dyck for a wonderful weekend and for everything you did we really appreacite it, and we all enjoyed it so much!

God Bless You!!

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Jenny's writings said...

Looks like you all had a great time!
Awesome job on catching the whopper Rits! :)
Hope to see you soon!