Monday, September 21, 2009

Cutting Silage

Well this last week we were very grateful for the wonderful weather we had,the sun and the wind helped dry the silage that we had in the swath,so when the workers with the silage cutter,the trucks,and the packer came on Wednesday morning it was dry enough to start with cutting right away.
So here are some pictures of everything that went on on our farm from Wednesday till Thursday.
Reuben putting up the "trucks turning"sign by the side of the high way.
The boys were experiencing something new but they all enjoyed it.
Randy had a great time going along on the big truck with Ryan.
The silage cutter.
And loading.
The packer.
And after the fields were all done we had a great big pile of silage.
Then came the part that we were not experts at.
Tarping it.
We did it in the morning before it got to windy,but still we did get quit a bit of air under it so we ended up using a grain vac to get some of the air out and to make it tighter.
Miss Rita,the coffee break lady.

Then when we had the tarp on we put dirt all around it.
And now we have two big piles of silage ready for the cows to eat in the winter.

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