Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baking Buns,buns and buns

On Saturday Rita and I had a big day of baking,we were having a fellowship lunch at church and we had volunteered to bake ALL the buns,500 buns,300 brown and 200 white. So you can imagine we had quite a big day,but it was actually not to over whelming,since I got to do it with my very dear sister we enjoyed ourselves very much.
So here are some pictures of our Saturday.

The recipe we used from Jen Pauls,thanks alot Jen :)

This is our good old dough mixer,we were not quite sure if it would last so we brought my sister Rebeccas down just in case but nothing ever went wrong and we used ours right through.

Mixing the dough.

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Rita rolling the buns (shes just a little camera shy :)

The buns rising.
And in the stove.
Our two ovens we used also worked very well right through the day.
Rita the baking pro.
She always had everything under control cause.....
she even had time to e-mail Jen and Kerri every once in a while :)
Doing a demonstration for the brothers,they were amazed at how fast she could work :)
Here Rita is not quite sure if shes doing the right thing,but for the most part she always knew what she was doing :)
A perfect batch of buns.

Oh and we always have time for sisters picture.

The stack of buns in the boxes after they were all done.

Yup we started at 10:00 a.m. and we were done at 7:31 p.m. We had a great day and we got everything done .

And then after we were all finished we just had to try a jumping picture,lets just say we didn't get one where we were both in the air at the same time :)

Yay Rita !!!


Anonymous said...

Great job girls! (I know I've said that already... but I had to say it again :)
Ker and I were so glad that you still had time to email us :)
Oh, I love the jumping pictures! You look so.... happy in the first one Rita :)

Love ya LOTS
Miss ya MUCH

Love Jen

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls!

Well Rae you sure did take pics:)

Thanks for taking the time to email us in your busy day:)

It was nice to see pictures of what we had been hearing about all day:)

Love you and miss you ALOT!

Love Ker

Beca said...

good job girls! josh and i are proud of you! the buns look very good! we miss you and love you lots!

Megan said...

Great Job!

It smelled REALLY good when I was there :)

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

THOSE BUNS WERE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! May the Lord bless you for your kindness. ST

Anonymous said...

Those buns were absoluyely delicious. May God bless you for your kindness. ST