Friday, November 6, 2009


Becoming grandparents is an exciting thing,especially since we had never experienced it before.
The experiences we went through was a little different than what we would have planned in our human eyes but God had His very own timing as to when this precious little bundle should arrive. Seeing Rebecca went into labour 10 weeks early she was sent to a city hospital. As parents we decided that it would be nice to be there for our children as a support and encouragement.
So Monday late afternoon together with Josh's parents, Mark and Rosalie we headed to the city and spend time together with Josh and Rebecca. This also allowed us to be together as soon to be grandparents. It was so nice to be able to share our thoughts and feelings together with someone else who was going through the exact same thing we where. After all we would become grandparents the same second Mark and Rosalie would! We were able to share with one another in such a wonderful way.
Tuesday we spent most of the day with Josh and Rebecca,talking through different things that could take place with a premature baby. On the 2 nd of Nov. it was 19 years ago that I delivered a son born 8 weeks early. So for us it felt like we were reliving that whole time again,it sure brought back many memories.
Wednesday morning Josh and Rebecca let us know that things were going to be happening sometime throughout the day. So as parents we both decided that we would stay away from the hospital and let the soon to be parents go through this day on their own. So we spent the day shopping,not knowing for sure what we needed or wanted in the store anyway,but it kept our thoughts occupied on something!
Then when we did get the message,IT"S A BOY! at about 5:26 pm, the two new grandpas had a very hard time catching up with the two new grandmas. We could hardly get out of the mall fast enough! There was no more shopping left in us. During the day we kept on saying if only we knew what it would be we could buy this or that,but the funny thing was once we knew it was a boy we thought that the gift had some time yet! So we made our way to the hospital. When we got there we could see Rebecca but there tiny little baby was taken from them right away and they didn't get to see him till several hours later when they had him stabilized. At about 8:30 to 9,only one grandparent at a time, we were able to take a look at little Andy. How sweet he was!
After that we left the hospital for home where we hadn't been since Monday. Our children been gone to spend the two days with Josh's siblings and together there had been a happy house full of children. We were so happy that they were able to be together through this whole ordeal. There were many happy aunties and uncles! So once at home I got to go to sleep with a very new Gramps!
We want to thank all our friends from far and wide for the many prayers they sent heavenward for Josh and Rebecca,little Andy and us as Grandparents. Josh and Rebecca were so much at peace while going through all this. We have been richly blessed by your care and support through this whole experience. Thanks again and may God bless you for this.
To Mark and Rosalie we want to say that we have really enjoyed becoming grandparents together with you. It was so special to be able to be with you and experience your sweet friendship while going through this whole ordeal.
We want to especially thank our Heavenly Father for the peace that He sent when things were not going the way we would have planned them with our human eyes. But we have the assurance of knowing that His ways are not our ways,and that He helps His dear children in every difficult situation if we put our trust in Him.


Titus2Mom said...

Congratulations! He is precious!

The Pauls' Family said...

We felt very blessed to spend this time with you as well. It was nice to be able to experience something so special with such special friends. I think it would have seemed like a much longer wait if we hadn't been able to pass the time together.

And Esther, I think some day we should run a Grama race, for on Wednesday...we would have won for sure :) ! Maybe next time we will be able to successfully hide from the Grampa's :)

We look forward to sharing many more happy times together with our little Andy.

Mark & Rosalie

Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

So... that's what it takes to take the shopping out of a grama!God bless you as you begin a new stage of life. Now becoming grandparents wasn't so hard was it?