Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well this year we did our Christmas a little different then most years,but since Josh and Rebecca were in the city with Andrew we went out to spend Christmas with them.
We left Christmas day at around 12:00 and got to the city at 2:00,the weather was not the best for traveling but we made it.
We went to the hospital right away so that Mom,Dad,Josh and Beca could see AJ.
But while we were waiting Rebecca came out to the waiting room and told us that if we went to the window we could see Andrew. We were all VERY excited that we would actually be able to see him.
Rebecca had asked a nurse if she could open the curtain. That way her family could she him,she didn't mind at all,mom had the camera in the nursery so she got a picture of all us looking in.

Mom brought the camera out latter on and I got to take pictures of AJ for the first time!

Rebecca got to take his monitors off of Andy and then she brought him up to the window.Josh and Beca had been saying how much he had grown already but we couldn't believe how tiny he still was!

Papa holding AJ...

and just having a wonderful time.
From the outside looking in. :)
Then after everyone was done at the hospital we went the hotel to spend the rest of the day and night there.
We spent time at the pool and everyone had a great time.


Rebecca Pauls said...

Hey guys, thanks so much for coming out to join us, we had a very wonderful time! We miss you all alot!
Love Josh and Becca

The Munck Family said...

Looks like ya'll had a woonderful Christmas with an awesome gift...the first real look and little Andrew. I'm sure his aunties and uncles were very excited. Praying that before long the Pauls and Penners wille be celebrating Little Andrew's homecoming!

Hope ya'll have a blessed New Year!