Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas and New Years Party

On New Years Day we gathered as a family at our house.We had a wonderful day and were very happy that Josh and Becca could make it even though Andy wasn't able to be with us yet.
Here are pictures of our day together as a family. We are starting our own Penner gathering:)

Becca and Rita decorating the Christmas cake.(a tradition)

Two red nosed little boys :)

The finished product.
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Then we gathered downstairs to read the Christmas story.
After singing a few songs we started with gifts. We had picked names so everyone got one gift.
Ryan and his girlfriend Yvonne.
I think Ruth got what she wanted!
Randy opening his gift from Rita.
Josh and Becca opening there gift.
Daddy opening his gift from Yvonne.
Raymond's gift from Dad.
Yvonne's gift from Mom.
Andy's gift( so sad that he wasn't here to open it :(
We love you soooooo much Dad and Mom!!
Josh and Becca love each other sooooooooooo much!!
Ryan and Yvonne.
Rita got a hoola hoop and is trying to get it going,I think she almost has it :)(maybe :)
Then after all the gifts were done we went to play a good game of hockey in Manitou.
It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed it very much.
Randy having fun.
Having skated for 2 hours we all came home with a good appitite and thankfully there was a yummy supper to dig into.
Raymond and Randy enjoying the supper very much.
I think Josh liked the food :)
Then we all played a few rounds of hide and seek and gathered down stairs for fruit,cake and chocolate fondue.

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Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Thank you guys for everything! The food, fun, having us for night, skating ect... it was great! We love you and miss you so very much! Very nice post Rae!