Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We had alot of dead oak trees in our pasture that needed to be cut down for firewood. Henry was not sure how to cut them down so they wouldn't fall onto good trees. So Mr.Dyck offered his expertise at that and helped us out. Together with his grandsons,Daniel and Tyler they came for a good part of the day and we got alot of cutting done. It is amazing how much wood can be cut from one tree. I was standing there and thinking,how long could we heat with one tree? I'm sure we'd be surprised at how long it would be. But one thing is for certain,not nearly as long as it takes for the tree to grow that big. We have no idea how long ago some of those trees have been planted.

Reuben and Tyler unloading the HUGE logs. Now that's a job for boys with muscles!

Mr. Dyck getting the tree to fall in the right direction.

As I was standing and watching some of those big trees thud to the ground I was reminded of the verse in Ecclesiastes 11:3. It talks about where the tree falls there it shall be. As it drops to the ground it will never make another move. So it is with us as humans. When our time on this earth is over and God takes our final breath away. How will we fall? Will our lives show that we have been serving an eternal God? And do our actions count for eternity? May we be ever mindful of how we spend our time of grace. Thank you dear Lord for another day of grace and protecting each one throughout the day.

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