Friday, April 2, 2010

Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

On Wednesday our whole family and The Pauls Family and our Cousins went to the Winter Fair in Brandon,this fair happens every year,and is very interesting cause it has so many things to enjoy like horse jumping,dog shows,pig scrambles,horse shows and lots of other things.
We had a great time again this year,and enjoyed it very much.
My Mom and Dad (thanks so much for taking us!)
My brother Ryan and his fiance.
Josh and Becca
Even Andy got to come and I think he had lots of fun.
It's an all day thing so we just packed lunch and supper at home and ate in the bleachers.
Two VERY cute little cowgirls.
First off was horse jumping,and this is the arena where they did it in,all the jumps set up.
And let the jumping begin!
Sorry about the bad picture quality but I couldn't use a flash.

It was so much fun to watch the horses jumping,it kinda makes you want to come home and try it on your own :) (of coarse I didn't though :))

Here are two of my very favorite cowgirls.....

Rita and Kerri

This is the heavy horse hitch with the Clydesdale horses.

Me feeding my nephew Andy (who else :))

And having lots of fun.

And the One Armed Bandit show,it was so cool to watch him round up three wild horses and actually bring them up on to the top of his trailer.

And then every one had a great time during the....
So after the day was over everyone was tired but we had all had a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Rae :)

It was GREAT spending time with your fam again!

Love you lots and lots!