Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Anniversary Trip

As was posted earlier on our blog in May we celebrated our 25 th wedding anniversary. To mark this special occasion our children arranged for us to take a trip. They had taken care of everything. All we needed to do was follow through with the plans. This trip took us all the way to Washington DC, New York city and around the area. We saw alot of things you would never think of seeing when you live in the quiet country.After touring these places we have no regrets to be living a country life.
Children, we feel very blessed for who you are in our lives and what you have done for us. Not only was this a special trip but you guys are very special to us as parents. Without you our life would be very uneventful. Here are some photos of the wonderful holiday that we had. We were gone for ten days.

Early Wed. morning saying good bye to the children we left at home to hold the fort. And hold the fort they did. Thanks for taking over and looking after the things that needed to be done while we were gone.

We traveled with Ben and Lisa Krahn friends from our church. They were the ones that had booked all the tours and sight seeing events. You did a great job and we enjoyed getting to know you guys alot better!

The front of the White House in Washington DC.

The Capitol Building.

The Jefferson Memorial

The Washington Monument.

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Downtown in New York city. Wow does a person feel small when you are standing on the street and looking up!

Having a blizzard break. We had wonderful weather so a cool treat was enjoyable.

Yes,the buildings were very high.

Walking along the streets in New York city. There are more taxis then other cars. We drove to a parkade and took the Metro or underground train to the downtown area. Then we did lots of walking or rode the taxi.

The street signs and building say it all.

We drove to Long Beach Island and got our feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean.

There was a tour of New York and it took us out on a little cruise boat where we got a view of things that are very hard to spot from on the land because of all the tall buildings.

The city and it's sky line of buildings.

The Statue of Liberty. We actually got a pretty good history lesson out of this tour.

Our tour guide and the Brooklyn Bridge in the back ground. This bridge was built in the 1800's with very little engineering compared to now adays.

This bridge still gets used,we walked over it and enjoyed seeing the massive amounts of cable that they had used to construct it even back in those days.

Ground zero. Here they were working on constructing another huge building. One World Trade Center at a height of 1776 feet. It is still a few years away from completion.

The night life in New York was something else. When we would think it was time to "turn in" this city would start living. The logo on some t-shirts was "The city that never sleeps".

Driving through Pennsylvania,a much slower pace lifestyle (more my type) The scenery was so rolling and beautiful.

At the Resort in Bushkill Penn. where we spent 5 nights.

Lisa and myself were in a predicament. The men thought it was hot and had the air conditioner going. We were so glad to have gone to a place where we could warm up and then we sat under the blankets to keep warm because the air conditioner was on :)

No,they aren't doing the dishes. Just leaning over the kitchen sink to eat some juicy fruit we bought at a roadside stand.

A view from the top of the Empire State Building.

I know when we got married 25 sounded like a big number. But really when you get there it feels like we have been counting by 5's instead of 1's. The years have gone by very quickly and I am so thankful for each one of them. The Lord has been so good and has given us so many memories that we have to reflect back on. I am always amazed at how God has given us stages in our lives. Once you are married a little longer it is more clear on how important it is to take each stage in life as a gift from God. All of the seasons in life are there for a purpose. God leads us through each one to prepare us for the next one on board. Right now we are living in such a stage where we can still enjoy the children in our home.We have also experienced a son in law entering our family circle,a wedding coming up this summer and we have been given the joy of becoming grandparents. I have often thought of it lately what if we had decided to have only two children we would be living very quiet,lonely lives,and going through the empty nest syndrome already.
Another thing having been married for 25 years to one special person has been wonderful! I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so grateful for you Henry and all that you are to me. The many things that you have taught me and things that we have been able to go through together. I am so thankful that God instituted marriage and that He made the bond of love to go very deep. When we were first married we thought we were deeply in love with each other,but I can honestly say that it was only the very beginning. True love does not stop there but keeps growing and growing. Not that trials and hardships have never come our way. If we can keep our focus on the Lord and what He is trying to teach us through these trials this to can be an experience where our love can grow deeper to each other and together in Him. Henry my desire is to grow old together with you,because I love you and need you And because God has made us husband and wife and has intented it to endure for our life time!
Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. psalm16:11

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Rebecca Pauls said...

We are vert happy that you enjoyed the trip, it looked like so much fun! We are also so thankful for the wonderful example that you are to us, we love you both so much!