Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happenings at the Penner place

Again I am sorry that it took so long for us to post.
Over at our place it has been rather busy with just things that happen on the farm.
Today I went to pick up the chickens that we raise and then butcher and sell latter on,we ordered 500 so when I got them home we took them all out of the boxes and since they are only a few hours old we have to give them all a drink of water so that they know were it is,then they are free to go and explore their new home.

The first drink of water

They are so tiny they fit right into your hand.

Randy having fun playing with the little chicks.
And another thing that has been keeping us busy for a while now is my brother's wedding coming up in 55 hours and 30 minutes :)
I think we've got everything ready to and everyone is getting excited about it!
(especially Ryan and Yvonne :)
So if we don't get anything posted then you'll know why,but I'll get some wedding pictures on as soon as possible.

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