Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Camping Trip

Ok well I am again very sorry for taking so long to post but we have been gone on our camping trip for the summer.

We went to Kenora Ont. and spent four days there at our friends cabin by the lake,we had a wonderful time and now I just want to show you some of the very beautiful scenery we saw and the wonderful time we had.

On Monday we left at around 2 and as we were driving this is what it looked like behind us.

We were all happy to be leaving the rain rather then going into it.

Stopped by rest area Rita went to pick some wild flowers.

The lake....

and the cabin.

These are some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Going for a boat ride in the evening.

"Blueberry Mountain"

Randy and Shaun

Raymond fishing.

Two little fisher men :)

Me and my fish.

And the boys and their fish :)

(actually the girls helped catch these fish :)

My Daddy.

Rita fishing.

If you hadn't figured it out yet,everyone really liked fishing :)

Tyler,Rita and I.

Shaun and Randy with their catch.

On one of the really nice days we all got ready and did some water sports.

The water was very nice and warm so everyone enjoyed it very much.

Rita,Dad and Randy on the tube.

All the kids having canoe Wars :)

Trying to tip the other canoe.

Rescuing the canoe.

Dad getting ready to try his hand at knee boarding :)

Me,knee boarding.

Dad,knee boarding.

Tyler,water skiing.

The little guy's enjoying the paddle boat.

Yeah Rita!!

We had so much fun swimming,the water was so nice and warm it felt really good.

Randy preferred to stay on the dry ground :)

All going for a big cannonball!

Then on the last day Tyler Rita and I decided to go for a really long swim,the rock that you see way out on the other side of the lake was our goal,it was a bit over half a mile away,it was a good thing there wasn't a lot of wind,and going at a steady pace we got there in about half an hour.

It gives you a really neat feeling when your out in the middle of a huge lake and there is nothing and no one to help you if you need it,you can't just stand up when you get tired or when you want to quite.

The little speck you see is us :)

YEAH! we made it!!!

Sister's and Best Friends FOREVER.

Jewel's in the water.

The whole group at the cabin the afternoon we left.

From left to right.
Front row, Raechelle (me),Tyler, Daniel, Dad, Melodie, Mrs.Dyck, Mr. Dyck, Rita,Reuben, Mom, Andrea, Shaun, Randy, Raymond and Ruth.

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