Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping at Sprucewoods Provincial Park Sept.10-12, 2010

After the combining was done and we had a few inches of rain,making it to wet to do field work,we got the family together for a short camp out. While packing up and loading the van it was raining. Do we really want to go camping in this kind of weather? My husband was saying this kind of weather won't last all weekend. So in faith that we would see some sunshine throughout the weekend we left. Sure enough the clouds broke up and once there we had sunshine! The weather was not hot or anything like that but we dressed in layers and depending on what the activity we took off a layer or added. We all enjoyed the outdoors and even little Andrew thought he was getting a alot of fresh air in. It was so nice to have all our children there with us. Something that does not happen just like that anymore.

We had two electric campsites and moved the picnic tables on one and cooked altogether. On the other site we had two tents set up.

Eating, a camping highlight!

Even AJ thought that the food was really good!

There was never a shortage of arms the love and hold Andy!
AJ giving his mommy a goodnight kiss.
Biking was enjoyed by old and young alike.
The water was to cold to do any swimming but was still an attraction.
Sand castle competition. The guys made theirs with might and strength in mind.
The gals had more beauty and design in theirs. Both were done very well.
Papa and Andrew were happy to be looking on while the castles are taking shape.
A football game,of coarse!
Aunt Shelly and her favorite nephew.
What a cute smile AJ !
We all went for a round of mini golf and tried our skills at putting. Raechelle and Henry both got a hole in one. Good for you guys!
The colors were magnificent! With the cool weather in the air the trees were showing off their fall beauty.
Ryan and his new wife, Yvonne. They are still a little camera shy, but that to will change.
To top off the weekend we all went to the Pine Fort IV for an ice cream treat! Everyone trying to decide what they want to order and placing it. The list was to long for Henry to remember!
Yummy, yummy.
So thankful for a wonderful weekend and the Lord's protecting hand over each of us!


The Mayo Family said...

Dear family,
Well it looks like a great time was had by "all"!
We are friends (in a bloggy way) with Mark & Rosalie...(hoping to meet them when they come to the states)
so we are so happy that all is well and that your sweet Grandson is doing so well!
Love the Wisconsin blanket!
~ The Mayo's from wisconsin :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Our family loves our camping adventures. I wish I could camp everyday!