Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Canning Corn!

Well even though it's not as warm as it was just two weeks ago our corn did get ripe and we now have been busy with freezing it and putting it away for the winter.
Picking corn from the corn patch.

We were again blessed with lots of very yummy corn.

We peel the corn in the pasture and that way the cows can come and enjoy it to.

So we had lots of friends join us while we were working.
The bull was really quite friendly and would actually eat corn right out of the wheel barrow.
Then we take it to the garage and wash it,cut it from the cob,and then bring it in the house and bake it and put it in bags to freeze,and then it's all ready for enjoying during the winter.


Rebecca Pauls said...

I remember doing that, it was always alot of fun and alot of memeries were made!

Anonymous said...

Canning corn is so rewarding! Did you know, though, that you put your corn in a wheelbarrow? Not a wheel barrel. :) Many people mispronounce it and thus spell it incorrectly, too.

mommyx12 said...

This is wonderful. What a blessing to have such a nice crop of corn. Something you can enjoy all winter.