Monday, October 11, 2010


Well as I'm sure you all know that it was Thanksgiving on Monday but I just didn't get around to doing a post and I really wanted to so I figured I'd just go ahead and do one even though it is late. (besides we should always be thankful eh? )
Well I want to start by saying "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to everyone,I hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!
Ok well I hardly even know where to start there is just so much!
But here it goes :)
I am so thankful and overwhelmed that Jesus died for MY sins and that He forgave and now I will see Him one day!
I'm thankful for my Mom and Dad,I don't know how to say it enough,they mean so much to me and don't know what I'd do with out them!
I'm so blessed to have a wonderful family.
You guys are the best!!
I'm thankful for:
Ryan and Yvonne.
For my horse riding partners,Rita and Reuben and Ruth.
For Josh and Becca (My Great older sister and an awesome brother!!)
Great friends!
(Love ya Jenny!)
Great times I'll NEVER forget,playing football,soccer and hockey with friends/family.
And my sisters at home,you girls don't know how much you mean to me,I love you like crazy!!
Sweet brothers always there to help :)

And me most adorably cute little nephew Andy!!

(thanks Josh and Becca :)

I'm also thankful that I can live in Canada,the most amazing place ever!

I can live for Jesus,in Freedom,I love the life of a farmer,the snow and the cold in the winter (to play hockey),and warm days in the summer,the freedom to do school at home with Dad and Mom,beautiful sunrises and sunsets,and so VERY much more!!

Thank you Jesus for everything you have blessed me with!!
So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever: we will show forth thy praise to all generations.
Psalm 79:13


Jenny's writings said...

That is SO sweet Rae!
I'm thankful for you to :)
Love you girl!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great post Rae!! Thanks again for the help, I am very thankful for sisters too. :) See you on Sunday, can't wait!!