Friday, December 3, 2010

CFL Grey Cup game 2010

Hello everyone!
I am very sorry for our absence and lack of blogging.
I've been with out my camera (Yes I don't have a camera to take pictures with :) for about two weeks now,I'm getting it fixed and it's taking longer then what I would have liked it to take :) so yes that's why I haven't been doing any posting,also we have been busy this week with butchering hogs and as I'm going to show you our family went to the city on Sunday and stayed till Monday to watch the CFL Grey cup game and to do some shopping.
On Sunday our whole family left after Church for Winnipeg,we were going to Watch the Canadian Football League final game.
We stayed at a hotel had a great time just relaxing,spending time with the family,going swimming and watching the game.
The pool and slide was really big and we had a lots of fun on it.

In the rooms just having a good time relaxing.

My Mom and Dad.

Almost all of us,some of them went to go swimming again.

Becca and Andy.

Andy just being as cute as ever :)

Montreal and Saskatchewan were the two teams playing,the game was really close all the way through so it made it really exciting.

Montreal scored a touch down!

It was great to have a Ry and Yvonne with us.

Josh and Becca!

Raymond and Randy having fun.

There comes the Grey Cup

And in the end Montreal won 21-18,YEAH!!!

It was a really good game and everyone had a great time!!!

After shopping on Monday our van was packed full and heading home we all enjoyed singing Christmas Carols and just being together as a family.

I'm so blessed that God has given me a wonderful family,I well never forget all the good times and memories we've made!

I love you guys LOTS!!!!


Jenny's writings said...

Looks like you guys had fun!
Miss you Rae!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Thanks for letting us join you guys, we had a lot of fun!!