Friday, November 26, 2010

Rachelle's 18 !

Her last year of being a teenager! Time goes by so swiftly. We cherish the years we can have with our children very much. All to soon you realize that these precious years won't last forever. But we have this moment to hold in our hands and it to will slip through our fingers like sand.
We are so blessed with having teenagers in our home and are enjoying it to the fullest!
Raechelle is a joy to be around. There's always a smile ready for you. Although early mornings are not exactly her thing,she does need her hours of sleep. But when it comes to helping out with chores and jobs around the home and farm we can always count on her willingness to be there for us. She has been a great right hand to her dad with running errands as she is the only one with drivers from the children right now. This has come in handy very often this past harvest.
We are also happy that Raechelle has chosen the way of the Lord in her life. Our joy is in the Lord who has given us so many blessings and we are happy if we can return those blessings back to him. Raechelle we are praying that you will continue to let the Lord guide your life and that you will follow in His precious footsteps,even though sometimes His ways are hard to understand. But we know He will richly reward!
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Raechelle loves taking pictures so for that reason it is ofttimes hard to get a good picture of her. But I am thankful that we have someone in the family who enjoys taking photos.
Thanks Rae and may you experience that 18 is a wonderful age to be!
Love Mom and Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 18th Birthday Rachelle!

I hope to see you next time we are out there!