Friday, March 11, 2011

Surgery Went Well!

Thanks all for your prayers. We are thankful that the surgery turned out very well. Randy's surgery was about an hour long. The doctor his tonsils and adenoids were very enlarged and he should be able to breathe alot easier after things are all healed up. So that means lots and lots of drinking for the next week or so even if the throat feels sore and not like swallowing. We thank the Lord for His goodness once again and for praying and caring friends like you!

Changed into hospital clothes and waiting.

Playing some fun games while waiting for the Dr. to come by.

Randy and Dr. ready to go into surgery.

Away they go.

In the recovery room.

On the ward and having a Popsicle. Randy was offered as many as he wanted.

Breakfast this morning. Randy did not seem to strike any interest in it.

Posted by PicasaReady to go HOME! Randy is so happy to be back with his family. Family seems to be a good medicine. His siblings were all waiting for him when we came up the driveway this afternoon.


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

So happy to hear that everything well! Drink lots of water Randy!!

The Munck Family said...

So happy Randy did so well, and your all home together. Yes, make sure he drinks LOTS...we have found day 8 & 9 were the worst for our kiddos. So we'll be praying for him over the next few weeks.