Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi! Yes we are still around and I am very sorry for taking so long to blog,it's just that we've been rather busy and to tell the truth I haven't really had anything to blog about :)

So anyway yesterday we got the whole family from my Dad's side together and we rented the arena (for the last time this year) and went to play a great game of hockey (something that everyone from our family really enjoys doing)

So here's some pictures of all the fun we had last night.

So out of all the 18 guys that were playing yesterday Elena,Rita and I were the only girls,yes there are more guys then girls in our family :)

(Becca we REALLY missed you :)

My cousin Elena,and Rita (my sister ;)

One of my boy cousins :)
We did that the older guys played and then they traded off with all of us littler people so that it wasn't as full on the ice.

And that was our evening with the Penner Family,always lots of fun!!

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