Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Building a fence for our horses

To get started all the nails had to be removed from the tammeracks that we used for the fence. Here Henry is hard at work with that. Next they pounded posts into the ground with the post pounder,so the tammeracks could be nailed onto something.
Rita doing some more nail pulling.

Randy had fun hiding in the tall grass and we had a hard time finding him. He would stay hidden when we called for him,thinking this is a nice way to play hide n go seek. :)

Cute Rita driving tractor like a pro:)

Ryan nailing hard. How many shots does it take to pound in an 8 inch nail?

The finished fence. We put an electric wire around the top of it becuase what else but "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!":)

The end result. Three happy horses. Left to right Dakota, Echo and Texas.

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Laura said...

I was so happy to see on the Pauls' blog that your family now has a new blog up and running. It was nice to see you family again in pictures and your home without all the's beautiful as it also was with the snow.

Happy we can now check in on your family, have a blessed day!