Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Camping Trip.

On Sunday we decided that we were going to go to Kenora go camping with our friends that have a cabin by a lake.Since we only decided on Sunday that we were going we had a very busy day on Monday with packing clothes,food and all the other fun stuff that comes with camping.
So I hope you all like pictures because we all had a great time and I want to show you some of them.

Randy trying to find a comfortable position to sleep:)

There were beautiful wild flowers that just grew on the sides of the road.

It was very interesting to see how they had to blast through the rock to make a road.

Then finally after five hours of driving...
We got there.
Thanks to Daniel and Tyler who waved us down at the end of the lane:)

Then all the fun began,
whoever wanted to,went knee boarding.

The brave ones were Daniel,Tyler and me.
And then of coarse there was...
water tubing!

Everyone got a turn,
The Mom's,

The Girl's,

And the Boys.

After Shawn and Randy were done playing in the water they went to lay on the dock in the sun so they would dry out:)

Then later on when we were done with water sports
some of us went to wash our hair in the lake.

In the Morning the girl's went to do some shopping in Kenora.
I was busy making a phone call:)

Ruth posing with a friendly bear.

The big Husky the Musky fish in Kenora.

And of coarse we always had lots and lots of food:)

One of the days we went across the lake to climb a rock.
Surprisingly it was harder to go down the rock then it was to go up it.

Best Sisters:)

The beautiful view from the top.

Climbing up the rock.

Going to rock climb.

Some of the beauty of God's creation.

This is the cabin where we stayed it was a wonderful cozy place.
We made lots of great memories there.
Thank you so very,very much Mr. and Mrs. Dyck for everything.

Before we left on Thursday morning,
Everyone wanted to stay longer but we know that all good things must come to end:)

The happy campers:)

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