Friday, August 7, 2009


We are back!
And laundry day proves it.
Our family left last week Friday morning to go and visit our good friends in Saskatchewan.
It was my turn to do laundry so I got a really big day full of washing,hanging out to dry and folding all the laundry.

Luckily it was nice enough out side that I could just hang everything out,
rather then dry it in the dryer.

Later on in the evening after everything had been folded,
and put onto the right piles for each person.

So here are some pictures of our trip to Saskatchewan.
Randy just enjoying the time that he could spend together with all his siblings.

Even though we were in Saskatchewan we were still supporting our Bombers:)

Our cousin Elena also got to come with us,
so there was never a dull moment:)
Josh&Beca came along as well,and we think they had a good time:D

Ryan relaxing in the back of the van.
We took out one seat so there was a bit of room to sleep or just rest.

Ryan shaping "the heart" for Josh&Beca:)
Best sisters,enjoying that great sister time together,
there is no better place to do it than on the van while traveling.

Rita just taking a little snooze.(farm girl style:)

I really think that it would be harder to travel with only two or three kids than what it is traveling with lots of brothers and sisters,
plus it's so good for you just to get into a van and spend around ten hours with your siblings,
getting to know them better,getting along with them and just talking to them.

Ahh, Finally Saskatoon.

And then after driving for about ten hours we got to our friends Peter&and Peggy Wollf.

There we really enjoyed a good game of foot ball.

We were thinking of playing Sask. vr. Man.
But we didn't want to get unfriendly to each other so we just mixed up the teams and everything went very good.
Celebrating after making a touch down.

Run Elena run!

Sweet Nikki just being herself :)

The girls having lots of fun being goofy.

The Pyramid.

Monday morning saying good bye after a group picture.

So our plans were to visit Peter and Peggy from Fri. to Mon.
And then go camping with some of our other friends Fred and Susan Loewen.
So we left Monday morning we traveled for about two hours when...
Our van broke down.
So Dad called our friends that we were planning on going camping with and told them of our problem.
Thank the Lord they were not very far ahead of us so they came back with there car they picked up my Dad and went to see if they could get the right part.

Here is my amazing brother-in-law Joshua explaining to me what had broken
(he was trying to anyway:)

So while we were waiting what else can you do except play catch with a foot ball :)

We are only playing catch Josh not tackle foot ball.

Rita wondering why no one is stopping to see if we are all OK.

They tried everything to get someones attention,
Hitch hiking..

Going for a walk without their shoes on..

And jumping as high as they could:)
Mom and Randy waiting patiently.

Rita knows that she needs to go that way she just doesn't know how.

We were at the side of the road for about two hours when they finally they got the part in and we were ready to go.
We got to Moose Mountain at around 7:00

We set everything up, had a late supper and then went to bed.
And the next day we went to the great big water park!

The long walk up the hill took a bit but it was worth it.
Coming down,Um Josh why do you look so scared:)

Someone didn't have a good ending.

I don't think Josh was ready for that last part:)

Ryan taking the six foot drop.

Even Rebecca did some water slides.

Josh it would be better for you if you would keep your mouth closed:)

Rita riding it like a pro:)

Elena is just a little scared right?

But everyone made it down safely.

The girls.

Drying out our swim stuff back at the camp site.

Josh and Beca just relaxing.

Rita frying bacon and breakfast sausage.

Rebecca rolling out roll cookie dough.

Josh is a pro at frying roll cookies
he can do it with his eyes closed:)
Randy enjoying the food.

Everyone enjoying brunch before we go.

Before we left the camp we stoped at the beach.

Beach bums.

And of corse playing catch.

Josh your not scared of your little brother-in-laws are you?

On our way home we saw fields that were just about ready to be harvested.
It's hard to believe that it's that time of year already.
We drove till 6:00 then we stopped at the Souris park for supper.
It was lots of fun to get out and just run around.

There were alot of tame geese,it was interesting to watch them.

Raymond enjoying ice cream.

Dad and Randy having fun together.

Even Ryan smiled for the camera:)

Elena and me having fun just spending time together.

Then after supper we went to the swinging bridge in Souris.

Ruth was just a little bit scared:)

Everyonr walking over.

Then at 8:30 we finally got to our "home sweet home."
Standing in line and helping unload.

Helping bring everything in side.

Happy helpers.

This is how our entrance looked after everything was back in side.

We are all happy to be home,just trying to catch up on our sleep and all the other things that get behind while you are gone.
But we thank God for keeping us safe on our trip to Saskatchewan and back.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had ALOT of fun!
Can't wait to see you!
Miss you all