Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seed Time and Harvest

The other day as we were driving around looking at some of the crops that are so close to harvest,our five year old popped another one of his MANY questions. He asked us," How do the fields know when they need to turn brown?" Well good question. We told him that a seed is actually dead when it gets planted in the ground.With sun,rain and warm weather it grows and produces more seeds.Exactly what God intended it to do. After it has grown and matured it doesn't need the nutrition anymore and it dies so that it can start the cycle over again. We told him in a way mom and dad are like the seeds as well,we are now here with you teaching you and preparing you to live your life. After we have done what God requires of us we will also have to die and then it will be your turn to keep the cycle going. There seemed to be a far away look on his face,but as always he kept on talking and asking more questions.
This got me thinking about our lives. We are seeds that God has placed here on this earth for a purpose. As we live our lives we need to die to self and let God rule our life. Jesus had everything,He gave it up and came to earth in hope of much fruit. In hope ,He buried what He had. Is my life bringing Jesus the joy that He intends me to? Sometimes it is so hard to give of ourselves willingly,but again and again we are reminded that He gave His all and we shouldn't do any less.
Verily,verily,I say to you,Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die,it abideth alone:but if it die,it bringeth forth much fruit. John 12:24
Here are some photos of the fields that are almost ripe for harvest. And a young seed enjoying his time in the beauty of the bountiful harvest we are anticipating of gathering in soon.

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