Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Gatherings

August has been a busy time for the extended family gatherings in our family. Each weekend this month we have had a gathering. This one happened Aug. 16th in the Winkler Park. After having had rain for a good part of the weekend and thinking that we might have to find an indoor facility,the sun did come out and we were able to gather outside. Praise the Lord! You see finding an indoor place for our family size is not so easy. There are ALOT of people at this gathering.Number 166 was added just the day before. My Aunt Sara does a great job with getting it all planned and keeping the family together! Thanks alot. Of coarse there is always lots of good food. It is interesting but our family is becoming a little International. We have adopted two familys from India,my cousin Jonathan is married to Fiona, a lady from Australia, Jason's wife Esther comes from Equidor and this time around there was even people from England. Mark and his daughter who had come out for a family wedding the day before.

Preparing all that yummy food.

These ladies are having a hard time deciding what to put in their plate.Just taking some time in catching up with the latest news and happenings in the family.
Aunt Sara encouraged us to go around throughout the evening and connect with some of the cousins.The younger group got a game of football going.
Now what's all that huddling about?

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