Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ryan and Yvonne

Hello,hello,well I'm not sure if you all heard the news,but my Mom and Dad went to Alberta with my Dads Mom and Dad for a week,they left on Thursday and they'll be back on Friday Lord willing.

So while they are gone its just us children at home its very different and there is alot of responsibility but everything is working out very well,its kinda fun being on your own with the children for a while,but it will be GREAT to have Mom and Dad back home.

So today Ryan and Yvonne(his girl friend)came over for the afternoon and we enjoyed the nicer weather while I took pictures of them.


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Please pray for Mom and Dad while they fly back home on Friday that everything will work out for them and that they will fly safely.

Thank you so much.

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MEG said...

WOW! Rae you did an amazing job....I reallt really like them!

I bet that you are missing your parents ALOt! I hope that everything is going well...

I love you and miss you LOTs!!