Monday, February 22, 2010

My Little Nephew Andy

Just this last weekend my sister Rita and I went out to my sister Rebecca's to help her out with Andy,and to let her catch up with her sleep cause Andy is usually up for about 3 hours every night so we gave her a break and watched him over night as well,and let me tell you it is so very much fun being an auntie!!!!
We both had LOTS of fun spending time with our sweet nephew.

Don't you think he's just so kissable? :)

Rita laying in the lazy boy with Andy waiting for him to fall asleep,
he really likes to snuggle.
Feeding him in the night is lots of fun,he's so wide awake and adorable.
Andy I love you SO much!!


The Pauls' Family said...

I agree, he is the cutest and most kissable nephew in the world:)

I hade a great time with you girls!

Love ya!

Love Ker

P.s.can't wait to see you on friday!

Laura said...

What a precious post, and such sweet pictures!

We look forward to meeting him...we know all the Pauls & Penners are enjoying him.

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics Rae!!!

I agree... He is VERY kissable...
I hope that he likes kisses :)

Glad we could spend some time with you as well!

Love ya girl!