Saturday, February 27, 2010


Another February birthday for our family. My dear husband has a birthday Feb. 28th. It all started many years ago when a little farm boy was born. Growing up on a farm and raising animals has been a passion for my husband throughout his life. But farming is not all that Henry enjoys doing. Throughout the years he has also found joy in having a family.I realized that as I was getting out pictures to blog. Many of the times there are children in the picture with him They are another passion for him in his life as well. Here are a few pictures of Henry in the years that have already pasted. May you be blessed with many more,dear.

Raising a Holstein calf.

Grade One

Wedding Day

Milking our first family cow.

Giving the children rides.

Making fun stuff out of play dough.

Multi talented Daddy.

Having fun with the children on the floor.

Taking a break.

Having a quick power snooze after having lunch on the field.

Picnics and ice cream treats. What fun!

Like Daddy like son.

Combining and meals on the field.

Happy birthday Sweetheart! Sharing life with you is so much fun. You are such a wonderful husband and provider. God as been so good to me in allowing me to share life with such a wonderful person. May you have a wonderful year filled with God's goodness and joy. We love you dearly. Your wife Esther and children.


The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday Henry!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day, blessings to you in the year ahead!

The Munck Family

Anonymous said...

Thanks Honey I Love you from the bottom of my Heart and LOrd willing we will spend many more years together LOVE YOU LOTTTSSS