Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Update on Andrew

Yesterday was almost like reliving the whole thing again. Becoming grandparents,aunts and uncles. Up until now it seemed hard for the children to really know how it felt to be called aunts and uncles because they had not been able to come near,touch,hug and hold this precious little bundle. But yesterday as you will be able to see in the following pictures this all became very real for each one of them. The moment was made very special when Josh and Rebecca arrived at our house at about 1:45 pm. All the Pauls children had come a few minutes before so that meant there were 17 aunties and uncles standing ready to welcome Andrew! So many times the children had been wondering if Josh and Rebecca would surprise them by just all of a sudden coming home with Andrew. But this time they were carrying a car seat and there was a little bundle tucked inside!

With all the commotion of the many aww's Andrew seemed to just be sound asleep.

Can you see baby AJ amongst all the heads?

Then came the joy of taking turns holding their little nephew. Now how would they do it with so many arms waiting to hold Andy? It was decided they would go in order of age from the oldest to the youngest. As you will see there are no pictures of the grandmas holding Andy. The reason being...We got our turn in the hospital. That was when we got to be on the pictures! Not that we didn't get to hold him but that was only once everyone had their turn and the camera was put away:)
In between it was time for a diaper change.

All the aunties Jen,Raechelle,Megan,Rita,Keri,Ruth,Brooke and Mikaya
The overjoyed Mommy and Daddy.

We celebrated with a supper together with the Pauls family.
Banana splits and homemade ice cream for night lunch.
After a delightful evening for all of us and very eventful evening for Andrew,his Mommy tucked him into his car seat for the ride to his home.

This was truly and joyous day for all of us. We are very thankful to the lord for allowing us to experience this good time together as one big family. Thanks to the Pauls family for your friendship and sharing our joys together with us. We also want to thank the many people who have gone through this time together with us in lifting us up in their prayers.

I will bless the Lord at all times:his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord:the humble shall hear thereof,and be glad.

Psalm 34:1&2


The Pauls' Family said...


Thankyou so much for having us over yesterday!

We made so many great memories and I am looking forward to making ALOT more together.

Love you all!

Love Ker

Anonymous said...

It was awesome spending the day with you and getting to meet AJ TOGETHER!

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy flowed freely as I read about the home coming of Andrew. Andrew is blessed indeed to have so much love and joy wrapped around him. Lord, you are so great, I love you with all my heart. Bless the family as they raise and train him for you or LORD. S.T.