Friday, March 26, 2010

Butchering Day

March 25 was butchering say at the Penner Farm shop. With about 15 -20 of the farm people around to help the work went pretty quickly and was actually lots of fun. And also rewarding if I may add. To put a supply of meat in the freezer to feed the crew is rewarding!

It all starts in the barn where we raise these curious critters. We kept a few back that we didn't ship to the killing plant and tackled the job ourselves.

De boning the meat before it gets put through the meat grinder.

Reuben and Brain had the job of grinding the meat.

Its always nice to see smiles on the peoples faces as they work.

Measuring the packages so they are almost all the right size.

Boneless pork chops.

My sweetheart! Abit tired as you can see,but after all its been a pretty long day!

The rows of sausages that our son in law Josh made with the help of Rita and Nathan.

Raymond and James were doing the labeling. They enjoyed putting some of their artistic work on some of the packages. Which is kind of nice later on when you get the packages out of of the freezer. It brings happy memories back from the day.

This package is labeled GB for ground beef.

Ruth did a video of some of us wrapping. Towards the end of the day it can become kind of funny at times.

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Anonymous said...

This was such a neat post!
I also enjoyed seeing the pictures where you all were making noodles. Very neat!
I hope to see you all again very soon:)

Love, Elizabeth