Friday, January 14, 2011

Excitement on the Farm !

For the last couple of days there was a guessing game going on around our farm. We all knew that "Brooke" our milking cow was soon going to freshen or have a calf so to say. But who would be the closest to the right day. Reuben had his eyes open and was watching with great care to any changes that would lead to any indications. So last night we came home as a family,the rest of us were just eager to get home and retire for the night. But Reuben suggested we stop at the cow barn and see if there was anything happening. Sure enough coming back to the van,"Dad she has started,the water bag is out!" But Henry knowing the cow from other years that she was the one that liked to take her time with this birthing process said that we would go home and after awhile we could all go back and see. Besides she was also one of our cows that liked to have some privacy during this time and any on-lookers would prolong the whole procedure. But at home they where changed in a flash and ready to go back to the barn. Only two of the children went at first and were going to come and pick up the rest if it was close. They weren't gone very long and they came back with the news "The calf is born!" So it was they all had to go see and welcome "Little Buster" to the farm!
So today mother and baby are doing OK but the sad thing is Brooke did not get to keep her calf by her side. Seeing she supplies our family with milk,cream and butter she needed to say good-bye to her calf.

Henry figured the cow had been so smart to quickly have her calf while the children were changing,because they would have been sticking around until she had given birth. Seeing we haven't had a calf around here for sometime excitement was high and for that reason the calf has a name already!
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Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet!

What a pretty little calf!

Blessings, Rebekah

Jenny's writings said...

That's so exciting! Little buster is SOOO cute!
I know it is always SO sad to have to take the calf away from the mother right away :( But I guess it is what needs to be done!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

So glad to hear that the cow and calf are doing well! :) Looks like she had a really nice calf.