Monday, January 31, 2011

Memories Monday

Well since winter is still upon us and there's not much going on at our home I thought I'd share some memories and pictures of the weddings that we've celebrated in the last two years

The first one was My big sis Becca,the first wedding in the family.

I'll never forget that day,it was filled with so much happiness laughter and even tears :)

The whole day was so very special and it was filled with wonderful memories that I'll never forget.

Kerri and Rita the candle lighters.

Jenny and I

All the kids from both the families,it was quite the bunch,but getting together,planning,making the food and getting ready for the wedding together,I'd never do it differently.

Jumping for JOY!!

In the back room just before the wedding started us girls spending some good times together.

And all the time enjoying every minute of it.

Making sure that were all ready to go.

Special moments

And the happy couple.

We love you guys LOTS!

And then about a year and a half later my brother Ryan and Yvonne got married.

They got married in July,it was a perfect day,it was so nice and warm out side for taking pictures and everyone had a wonderful day.

We did pictures before the ceremony cause they were having an evening wedding.

I got to go along with Megan (The Photographer) and I had a great time!

Mom and Dad
After the pictures were all finished we went to the park,had a snack,relaxed and just waited till it was time to head to church.
After the ceremony is always the most fun,just watching everyone have a great time and celebrating!
Their wonderful photographer,
You did a great job girl!!
Our family table.
Rita and I
Family pictures are always funny,it seems there's never one that's just perfect :)
After clean up Rita thought it might be fun to take home all the left over candy :)
Three handsome little boys just taking it easy after a big day.
We love you guys LOTS!


Jenny's writings said...

Great post girl!
I still think that Feb 28 was one of the best days of my life :)
Love you!

MEGoo Photography said...

Ah, Yes...What good memories! Great post!

Love you!