Monday, May 30, 2011

Gone on a Picnic

Yesterday Dad surprised all of us by taking us to the Pembina Valley near our place for a picnic.

It wasn't very warm but the scenery was beautiful and everyone really enjoyed it!

We had our picnic in the corner of a pasture, this was our view.

After we had a fire going it was nice and cozy to sit around.

Grama & Andy

There were cows in the pasture and they came to see if we wanted to share with them :)

And for dessert we had the first smores of the season :)


Randy trying real hard to get the marshmallow on just right :)

Andy had a great time outside.

A quick hike and Randy got some flowers for Mommy.

And that was our Sunday with the family.

Thanks Dad it was great!


Jenny's writings said...

Looks like you had fun! :)
Smores sounds REEEEAAAALLLLYYYY good right now... did you make me one??? :)
The bulls look pretty friendly ;)
Love you!

The Mayo Family said...

Hello good to see you all!
Looks like a nice day was had by all...
We had a warm day yesterday-so it is coming!
Otherwise it had been cool! :)
~Lori for all