Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Happy 7 th Birthday Randy!

Today we celebrated our very own sweet brother Randy's birthday!

Randy I love you so very much, your always LOTS of fun, your so sweet to us and so thoughtful, I really enjoy watching you grow up and learn new things.

It's sweet watching you and Raymond spend so much time together and it just reminds me how blessed we are.

I just love it the way you are always full of questions and always talking (I would never get board when I'm with you :)

I love your blonde hair and brown eyes.

And I just love it that your my brother!!

7 things that Randy likes, or likes to do....

1. He loves spending time with his siblings.

2. He really enjoys being outside.

3. One thing that he really appreciates is if you just sit down and have a good visit with hm :)

4. He likes to go for LOTS of bike rides.

5. He likes all of his pet chickens and likes to pick feathers from them :)

6. He dearly loves his brothers Reuben and Raymond.

7. And he wants to live his life for Jesus!


Have a great year!

Love your sister


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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, and I love your soccer shirt!