Friday, June 24, 2011

~Our Friday~

Sorry again for taking so long to post.

It's been busy around and I just haven't gotten around to doing it, so here it goes.

This is going to be most of our Friday in pictures. (no I didn't take pictures of EVERYTHING we did but just of the interesting things we did :)

This morning we had a guy come down to spray some of our fields, we don't normally do spraying with a plain but since this year is so wet we had to.

It was pretty neat watching him the way he can turn in such a small area.

I think I'd like to some day have a ride like that but I'm not sure, it would be quite a crazy ride :)

Then after lunch us girls went for a horse ride, it was a beautiful afternoon for one and we had lots of fun!

< Ruth and Echo >

< Texas and I >

< Randy and Texas >

< Rita and Star >

The children found a cute little bird on our back patio.

Lots of mowing the lawn this time of year, it's so wet it seems we can hardly keep up to the growing grass.

The first Lillies.

Bleeding Heart.

And some of the new kittens.

Then we ended the day with a great game of football with our neighbors.

And that's our Friday.

Thank you Jesus for the beautiful sun shiny day that we could spend outside!

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Jennifer said...

Your lookin' good on your horse Rae!! :)
Looks like you guys had a fun Friday!
Love you!