Monday, June 20, 2011


Seeing yesterday was Fathers day we had one big happy family get together,

We were blessed with a beautiful day and got to spend lots of time outside.

So here's some pictures of our day with the family celebrating Fathers Day!

First we enjoyed a fun game of football!

(I mean why wouldn't we on such a nice day :)

Then pretty much all of us got into our new pool (the one the children got for their birthdays) and we enjoyed a good swim, it wasn't quite as warm as we had thought it would be but it was still great!

~Happy Father's Day DAD!!~

I love you so much!, thanks for everything you do for us,thanks for being a great example to us children!

You are the BEST Dad in WHOLE World!


We love you VERY VERY much!!!!

Dad waiting for his turn in a nice slow game of croquet :)

Andy and Becca enjoying the nice day together.

Andy trying really hard to figure out what they are actually trying to do :)

Then we moved our supper outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Relaxing in the hammocks.

Andy really liked it alot.

The we all jumped into the van and headed out to town to a baseball diamond to play a good game of baseball (actually we played scrub but it's pretty much the same thing :)

Our fans! :)

Ruth up to bat.

It was a wonderful day and we couldn't have asked for a better day to celebrate our dear Dad!!


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Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like ya'll had a wonderful day with family:) I hope your daddy had a great fathers day!

Love, Elizabeth