Monday, March 1, 2010

My Dad's Birthday!

This is my Dad (Henry) His birthday was yesterday and we had lots of fun celebrating it.
Let me just tell you that I think I have the best Dad in the whole world,I am very blessed that he works at home on the farm and teaches us everything that we need to know,he is always right there for me to talk to,and I know that he loves us all very much.
Daddy thanks for always being there,you're the best, I LOVE you sooo much!!

So for Dad's birthday we surprised him by inviting The Pauls' family over,Josh and Becca and Ryan and Yvonne (his fiancee)
We had a yummy supper and then we surprised him again by going curling in Manitou.
So here are a few pictures of our evening.
My Daddy


Mr. Pauls
Kerri and Rita brushing hard.
Jen being the skipper (doing a great job :) )
The little guys just having fun watching.
Becca doing the skipper thing :)
And then after a very fun day we came home and celebrated Canada's winning the Olympic gold medal in hockey!!! (at least Rita,Ruth and I did :) )
Way to go guys!!


Anonymous said...

GREAT post Rae :)

It was AWESOME spending time with you (and your family of course :) again!

I LOOVVEE you!!!

Jenny :)

Anonymous said...

thank you Raechelle for reminding me that I do have a responseablity in being a good example and that you "love me so much" makes me feel very good I LOVE YOU TOO.Thanks again Dad