Monday, November 8, 2010

Rita's Birthday!

Rita you are one of the very bestest sisters I could EVER wish for.
Thanks for everything you do with me and for me,I really don't know what life would be like with out you,your the best!
I can't even start to name all the things we've always done together and I'm so blessed that it's been that way,you've always been there to laugh together with me,to cry together with me,I know I can tell you anything that I'm thinking about,your always ready to laugh when something doesn't go right :) I always enjoy slumber parties with you and Ruth,going for a horse ride or shopping with you,Mom and Ruth.
Rita you ARE so special to me!
I know I'm blessed beyond words with such a WONDERFUL sister!
Your the BEST Rita!!!

I love you SO MUCH girl!!
Thanks for being my best friend!!!
Love your sis Rae


Jenny's writings said...

HAPPY birthday Rita!!
Those pictures are SOOO cute! :)
Hope you had a great day girl!
Love you all

The Pauls' Family said...

I hope you had a GREAT day!

Love you!

Love Ker

P.s. LOVE the pics! good job Rae:)

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great pictures girls, you are really beautiful Rita!!
Happy Birthday again, I hope you had a lot of fun. May God bless you in the coming year!!
We love you lots!
Love Josh Becca and Andy