Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When I became an Auntie

Since tomorrow is my very dear nephew Andy's 1st Birthday I figured that I'd do a post about what we did and what those few days were like before he was born.
Sunday November 1 2009:
We went to church Sunday morning like normal,we came home and had lunch,then later in the afternoon Josh and Becca came over,we played games and visited and just had a good day.
Everything was very normal with Rebecca and the baby,and no one was expecting anything to happen with the Baby until January some time.
So Monday morning when I got a phone call at work from my Mom saying that Josh had taken Becca into the hospital because she was having contractions we were all very surprised and shocked,it was hard to keep your mind on anything cause we always wondered how everything was going for Josh and Rebecca.
All Monday afternoon we just waited for a call from Josh about any news,praying for a miracle that what ever happened Rebecca and the Baby would be fine.
So on Monday at around 6:00 Mr. & Mrs. Pauls and my Mom & Dad left for the hospital in Winnipeg where Josh and Becca were.
That afternoon I had called Jen (Pauls) to see if it would work if we'd come down to their house while both our parents were in Winnipeg.
So just after Mom and Dad left all us kids left for the Pauls kids so that way we could be there for each other.
Looking back I know I'm SO blessed that we got to spend those two day together with the other part of our family :)
I know it made it ALOT easier on me to have an "older sister" (Jenny) there to be right beside me while we went through something that none of us had ever gone through before.
(Thanks Jenny!!)
So our two days spent together with the Pauls' were full of GREAT times that I will NEVER forget.
We spent our time Waiting for news from the hospital,milking the cows,Waiting for news (any kind of news) from the hospital,cooking for ALL the kids,making doughnuts late at night :) ,watching "Facing The Giants" (just us girls :),doing laundry,Waiting for a phone call or email,talking late into the night about all kinds but especially about how it would feel to become an Auntie,always thinking about everyone back in the city,playing games,Praying for Josh and Becca that everything would go well,and just being there for each other.
Every time the phone rang,who ever heard it,was always wondering if it was our parents.
Then finally after many phone calls and emails we got the one we were waiting for!
For the whole two days we were never sure what we should be praying for,that Becca would stop having contractions and not have the Baby now,or that she would have the Baby and that everything would be ok.
So on Tuesday November 4th at around 5:10 p.m. Mrs. Pauls emailed us and we got the news right while we were having supper that Josh and Becca had a Baby Boy Andrew Joshua Pauls weighing 3 lbs. and 2 1/2 oz. and he was 15" long.
We all got the news at the same time and when we did I remember feeling so relieved and grateful and happy,but at the same time worried about how he was doing and if everything would be ok because he was so premature.
Everyone was so happy and excited it was hard to believe that we were now actually all Uncles and Aunties!!
Now one year later it's hard to believe everything that Josh,Becca and Andy have gone through but through everything God was always there for them and we can clearly see it!!
That week is something that I'll always enjoy looking back at,being together with our "Family" for the big day was the best and I want to say Thanks to the Pauls family for everything you did with us while we were at your house,it was GREAT!
Thanks Jen,Meg and Ker for just being there for us!
Love you girls LOTS!!
Also I want to praise God for everything He has done for our families over the last year!
And also for Josh,Becca and Andy,you are all so special to us!
I love you so MUCH!!
I will praise Thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,marvellous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well!
Psalm 139:14

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Jenny's writings said...

Well girl... I'm pretty thankful that you were there too! It was ALOT of fun (even under the circumstances...).
It was GREAT experiencing all that together and it also took away some of the time that would have been spent worrying eh?
Love you Rae!!
Can't wait until Saturday!!!